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What We’ve Accomplished

What We’ve Accomplished

Haiti School Project is a small dedicated group of individuals committed to improving the quality of life in Haiti starting with educating Haiti’s children. Since our inception in 2011, one year after the devastating earthquake, we have built schools, constructed latrine systems, established a library, established a home solar light project, and partnered with other nonprofits helping them accomplish their goals.

Where We Are Now

Since our last Strategic Plan, we have revised our approach to construction projects from raising funds for and completing construction of a project by ourselves to collaborating with other NGO’s providing them the necessary construction skills and services to complete their projects.

In 2018 Haiti School Project continued to partner with other organizations like Haitian Roots, Haiti Project, Lespri Ministries, and others providing construction management, building schools and toilets and assisting with their construction projects. Our solar light project continues to provide light so family members can have light to work and study by. (See “Shed a Light on Haiti”’ in How to Get Involved.)

What We’ve Accomplished

Lespri Ministries 2018

We are currently providing preliminary design plans for a large school and auxiliary buildings.  

Haitian Roots 2018

Haitian Roots Academy Santo 11 Port-au-Prince

The project involved plans, supervision, project management, and construction for a new school in an existing structure. This consisted of remodeling the main level, adding a second level with 2 new stairs, complete new electrical rewire, new student toilets, new desks, tables, and chairs. This school has classrooms for K – 9.

Haitian Roots 2016 – 2018

Haitian Roots Academy Delmas 83, Port-au-Prince

The project involved plans, supervision, project management and construction. It was in two phases consisting of two separate new buildings accommodating 6 new grades. Because the NGO, Haitian Roots did not own the property, the new buildings could not be permanent. Therefore, wood frame structures were built. New student toilets were also built.

Haiti Project 2017 – 2018

St Marcs School, Clinic, Church & Presbyter, Jeannette, Haiti

HSP provides supervision; design, plan, and budget review; inspection services and reports for construction, for projects that include new toilets, remodeled toilets, water cistern, roof repairs, and new homes. HSP also prepared an electrical survey for each building on the campus for a possible solar energy system to power the campus. This is an ongoing project.

Haiti : Hands On 2015 – 2016

Terre Froide Community School, Terre Froide

HSP provided building design, plans and supervision for the construction of the school with 4 classrooms, a director’s office and storage space for new school. 

The building was completed in 2016 and is fully functioning with grades K through 3. It is the first school in the Terre Froide community and is the first community owned school in the region.

Aid Still Required 2015 – 2016

Ecole Mixte Timoun, Waaf Jeremie, Port-au-Prince

The project consisted of design, plans, and supervision for the construction of 4 new toilets for the school. 

Haiti School Project 2011 – 2014

Villard School

School and toilets completed.




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