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Teacher Training Workhop Succesfully Funded

One of our first fundraising and project goals has been met! We are pleased to announce that we will be holding our first teacher training workshop in Villard this summer!

Board member Alina Michelewicz and Eric Demeulenaere, an Education Professor at Clark University, will be facilitating the workshop in early August for dozens of teachers and principals in the village.


Why is teacher training important?

Our survey of teachers in the area revealed that only a couple of teachers in about 15 local schools had attended college and many had not finished high school. Although many teachers had received some kind of training from the Ministry of Education, these pieces of training seem to have been sporadic over the years and many teachers had not attended any kind of Ministry program in over 8 years. Almost none of the teachers had attended higher education for teaching. Haiti is known to have a shortage of trained teachers, especially in rural areas like Villard.

For students to gain a good quality education, it is imperative that their teachers receive training in pedagogy and teaching practices. Through training teachers, we can empower the Villard community to improve their quality of life in the long term and by giving Haitians the tools to increase the quality of education, we can help them to create their own development.

For more information about the teacher training project, check out the teacher training section of our website:  Or contact Alina Michelewicz


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