Construction as of 19 February 2023

As promised in our November Newsletter the new Villard Public Toilets were started the first week of December. 

So why toilets?

”Only about one-third of Haitians have access to basic sanitation”notes Partners in Health so there is a huge need for toilets in Haiti. The new toilets will be located along a crossroad serving passers by, going to the market and a local public laundry area.

The community asked for composting toilets after seeing the successful use of the toilets constructed at the school. Those toilets were featured in a Soil Haiti newsletter. 

In addition to improving community sanitation all the funds needed to build the toilets will be funneled into the village for wages and materials to build the project. The design drawings are complete; the crew is ready; with construction starting the first week of December.

We need to raise $10,773 to complete this worthwhile local project in Villard, Haiti. Please consider giving.


"Improving sanitation is everybody's business. Each toilet built, adopted and used, means that one family won’t be affected by cholera and other waterborne diseases that cause the death of more children under five years than HIV / AIDS, malaria and measles combined. We cannot ignore the possibility of saving lives by improving access to sanitation and supporting this new national roadmap,"said Mary Barton-Dock, World Bank Special Envoy in Haiti.

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