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Terre Froide Community

Terre Froide Community School

The school building is complete, fully functioning with grades K – 3, is the first school in Terre Froide, and is the first community owned school in the region. Congratulations to Lamia Makkar and Haiti: Hands On.

Terre Froide is a small community in the mountains of South East Haiti only a few kilometers from the Domincan Republic. The community of about 350 households straddles the main road situated on a high ridge over looking the Dominican Republic. At night looking into the Dominican Republic it the differences between the two countries are so obvious as the towns and villages are brightly lighted while Terre Froide and the villages in Haiti are dark.

Most of the 3,000 residents of the village make a living as subsistence farmers. There is no electricty and access to water is limited. All the homes have some sort of rain water collection system filling their cisterns. However in times of drought which is the current case water is very limited. Many are forced to walk miles for water.

Terre Froide Community School

The community has no school forcing children to walk about an hour each way. Haiti:Hands On is helping remedy this situation by building a 4 classroom school, K through Grade 3. Haiti School Project is assisting Haiti:Hands On by providing plans and construction assistance. The land was donated to the community by M. Berno a local leader in the community. The community will own and manage the school.

Shed A Light On Haiti

Haiti School Project has its own project in the community, “Shed A Light On Haiti”. The project is distributing solar battery light kits. Please visit our project page to learn more about this.



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