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Terre Froide Community School

Terre Froide Community School

The school building was completed in 2016 and is the first school in the Terre Froide community and also the first community owned school in the region. The school is fully functioning with grades K – 3. Congratulations to Lamia Makkar and Haiti: Hands On for their tremendous efforts and continuing support of the community and education in Haiti.

Haiti School Project was contacted by Haiti: Hands On, to assist in building a school in Terre Froide, Haiti. Terre Froide is a small farming community in the Southeast part of Haiti next to the Dominican border. It is an extremely poor area with limited access to schools. Currently the students must walk up to an hour to reach the school of their choice.

One of HSP’s requirements for helping build a new school is that the school must be community owned and managed and the property must be owned by the community. This is the first step and can be quite costly and time consuming as GP and H:HO learned. GP and H:HO have done a wonderful job in securing the land for the school in community ownership, setting up a school committee to manage the school and in raising funds to build the school.

HSP has provided plans, scheduling, budgets and site visits to help coordinate the school construction. Allan Cunningham an HSP volunteer designed the school and Build Change in Port-au-Prince, Haiti reviewed the plans making recommendations insuring the building meets earthquake and hurricane standards in the International Building Code. HSP visits the site at critical points in the construction to verify the building is being built per the plans and assist with the building process.

Haiti: Hands On which is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and founded by two young ladies, Lamia and Tasneem. Please visit their Facebook page and their On-Line Campaign to learn more about their incredible and inspiring work.

GP based in New York City and Paris France is an amazing organization working globally with young inspired future leaders who are transforming themselves and the communities they are working in such as Terre Froide, Haiti. Please visit their website to learn more.


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