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Lespri Ministries

Lespri Ministries

HSP is currently providing pre-construction services for Lespri Ministries for a new site in Leogane, Haiti.  We are working on customized conceptual drawings with Elaine Rensink, founder and director, of Lespri.

The drawings include, classrooms, housing, an auditorium, administration building, recreation areas, outbuildings, toilets and landscaping.

These services are provided by our staff free of charge.

Site Plan


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About Lespri Ministries

“God’s heart, and love Jesus.”
And that is what Lespri Ministries is all about.

Loving Jesus, loving children & orphans, loving our community and preaching this glorious message: God is REAL and ready for relationship with you! We’re here to change the nation of Haiti through the creativity of it’s own youth & children- and we are highly committed to it. Having landed as a nonprofit in Haiti in October, 2013 we’ve started a “Family Home” with 7 precious children, an elementary school of 60 children, and done various other outreaches like our many preaching & distribution trips to the Mariani Dump, Children’s Outreach programs in Santo, and numerous evangelistic outreaches to the raw, open streets of Haiti. Some of the many things that makes Lespri unique is our firm connection to Haitian community, continually going “outside the walls” & among the people, and the tremendous miracles we see Jesus do on a weekly basis. As of June, 2016 we have seen Jesus do over 600 miraculous healings in the local community! And over 90 precious Haitian people have received Jesus in their heart. The blind have started to see, multiple tumors (from dime-size to plum size) have dissolved and disappeared within minutes, a baby presumed dead in the womb came back to life, started growing and was born alive, regions have tangibly changed through the prayers of children, and so much more! We have a BIG, very loving God and believe that anything is possible with Him! Enjoy our website and may God ignite a deep fire in your heart to go after Him with all of your passion, persistence, and prayer. He is worth it all!

Elaine Rensink
Founder of Lespri Ministries 


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