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Composting Urine Diverting Toilets, Wash Stations and Garden

As part of our mission to help sustain the Foyer Divin School in Villard, Haiti, and to create opportunities that benefit the surrounding community, Haiti School Project is proposing to fund the development of toilets that will create a more hygienic environment for the students. This effort has come about as a result of the need we witnessed firsthand as well as an appeal from the school’s Director.

As the name implies the toilets will be composting using urine diversion keeping odors to a minimum and allowing the solid waste to be removed more easily. There will be 4 toilet stalls. Each stall will have two pedestals for a toilet seat and a separate urinal. One pedestal will have a seat and be used for one year. The other pedestal when not in use will be securely blocked off.

HSP-Toilet-Site2_001There are 5 vaults below the toilets. The vaults on either end are half size with 3 double size vaults in the middle. The double vault system allows alternating the toilet
seat yearly. The full vault at the end of a school year will be idle for the following year allowing the solid waste to compost destroying the pathogens.

Urine from the toilets and urinals and gray water from the wash stations will be diverted to the garden area between the wash stations. The urine and gray water will
be piped to the garden 16” below the surface.

HSP-Toilet-Site2_005 The budget includes training sessions planned prior to the toilets being used. Before construction starts the school parent teacher committee will have a one day training session by SOIL on proper use and maintenance of the toilets. This training has been scheduled for the 20th of June. Two more training sessions will be held to train staff, parents, students and the maintenance person.

The budget also includes a salary for the maintenance person to maintain the toilets on a daily basis for the first year of operation. This is an extremely important part for the success of these toilets.

The same crew that built the school will be constructing the toilets. Haiti School Project only supplies funds, plans and technical assistance for our projects. All the work is by local craftsmen and all material is purchased locally.

Project Completed


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