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Book Program

The mission of the Haiti School Project Book Program is to establish a sustainable book program for schools in Haiti.

Specifically the program will:

  • Raise funds to buy books for the students of the Villard School.
  • Implement a system like that of Cooperative for Education (CoEd),  a nonprofit working in Guatemala, whereby:
    • Money raised buys books for the needy students of the Villard School
    • Agreements are made between Haiti School Project, receiving students and their parents to rent the books for the year at cost that is accessible for the parents.
    • Money collected goes toward buying additional books, replacing worn and damaged books and updating the inventory as new editions are published as well as monitoring and maintaining the system put in place
    • The goal is to create a sustainable program that once funded can largely self-perpetuate.

CoEd has demonstrated through their program that charging a small fee has two positive effects:

  1. Moneys received helps perpetuate the program
  2. There is a perception of added value and worth to the recipients if there is a cost involved.
Visit CoEd at for information on their program.

Book Program Budget

The Villard School book program budget is based on 350 students at an estimated cost of $30 per student per year for books.

The total amount needed to purchase the books is $10,500.

If you wish to donate to the book program please note on your check or on PayPal that your donation is for supporting the books program.

Haiti School Project has agreed to kick start the book program by supplying 10 complete sets of books for each grade (6 grades) for the 2012-2013 school year.

Adrien Saget-Haitian School Teacher, part of the Haiti School project

School Director Adrian Saget

Please help us by making a tax deductible donation on this website via the secure PayPal Haiti donation button.

Our continuing goal is to provide for the school’s future vitality and quality of education in Haiti.

The Haiti School Project is a federally recognized non-profit IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) organization helping Haiti’s children supported entirely by volunteers.


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