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Haïti, bright future or?

Located in the Caribbean Sea, member of the Greater Antilles and border with Dominican Republic, the republic of Haiti, and known for his great history had once again surprised the world during this 21st century.

Haïti, bright future or?

On 21st of April, it was announced by the electoral council after two (2) round of elections, (November 28th 2010 and April 21st 2011), Michel Joseph Martelly had been elected the new 41st president of Haiti with a total of 67.57%. Now the shocking surprise was that, Mr. Martelly had no political background. He is best known as Sweet Mickey the president of Haitian Compas; a musician. Of course his involvement with past political leaders is quite famous, but to say that he was once a Mayor, a Senator or a Deputy would be a great lie. However, he was largely voted by the population that had enough of political liars. They wanted to try something new and fresh.

Since the fall of the Duvalier regime in 1986, Haiti politic has been in turmoil. Certain Presidents were unable to complete their full terms, which is five (5) years. However there was one exception, Mr. Rene Preval who was elected from February 7th 1996 to February 7th 2001 and February 7th 2006 to May 14th 2011. One would wonder what’s his secret? But of course that is his to know.

Where everyone thought that Michel J. Martelly would have been overthrown once he is in power, he surprised everyone and managed to remain on power for five (5) years. Those five (5) years had been quite hard for the population. Even though, he was legally and largely voted, the opposition took the street almost every day, causing chaos and disturbing the daily activities of the population. In the midst of it all, the government of Martelly manage to bring to life certain projects that were asleep in the government drawers. Like the construction of the Bridge of Delmas, the reconstruction of the Banque National de Credit (BNC). The reconstruction of many governmental building that were destroyed during the famous 2010 earthquake and so forth.

Every government has a downfall, whether or not they are true, and remains to be discovered. But it’s no secret that during Martelly’s presidency, the American dollar increased so much that everyone wonders, where would it lead. After his five years terms were over, as he had promised Martelly left power on February 7th, 2016. His government fail to organize the second round of the election that would have opposed the two candidate Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin. To note that Martelly had created his political party by the name of PHTK (Parti Haïtien Tèt Kale). Jovenel Moise presented himself under this banner.

Now the opposition became fierce, no one wanted PHTK to rule the country for a second term consecutive. However the past election November 20th, 2016 proved that the population had no problem to once again trust their future within the hand of the PHTK political party.

Thus Jovenel Moise, a man made millionaire with no political background, just like his predecessor was elected the 42nd president of Haiti. With the majority of the parliament being PHTK, Jovenel will probably have no problem leading this country. The question is: Will Haiti rise back from its ashes and come back to the road of greatest or will it stumble further into the dark abyss. That remains to be seen.

Written by B. Claire Bijou

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