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Facts you should know about the Haiti School Project

Why Haiti School Project

You should know these facts about the Haiti School Project (HSP):

  • HSP has a successful track record, completing construction of 4 schools, toilets, and assisted other nonprofits with their projects over the last seven years. We have the proven experience, presence and relationships on the ground in Haiti to complete a successful project.
  • We hire local tradespeople and workers on all projects to keep resources in the communities and foster economic development.
  • HSP cooperates with other nonprofits, seeking to work together to minimize duplication of services and share knowledge to achieve our missions.
  • HSP has produced architectural drawings for a prototype school that can be customized to meet the requirements of your organization.
  • HSP can provide construction services so if you have a project please contact us. 
  • We are receptive to your questions and concerns. If you want to ask a member of our Board of Directors a question about our programs, operations, or finances, we are available. Email us with a contact number and a board member will call you back.
  • Haiti School Project is a small dedicated group of individuals committed to improving the quality of life in Haiti starting with educating Haiti’s children. Since our inception in 2011, one year after the devastating earthquake, we have built schools, constructed latrine systems, established a library, established a home solar light project, and partnered with other nonprofits helping them accomplish their goals.
  • HSP is a 100% volunteer organization, with no paid staff.
  • 99% of donation dollars go directly into projects.
  • All expenses related to travel to Haiti for our American-based board members and volunteers are paid by the individual traveling to Haiti.
  • We are a small organization with almost all administration costs paid by our Board of Directors, which makes us nimble and able to move quickly to address new needs.



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