Haiti School Project Construction Services

If you are planning to building in Haiti you should consider contacting Haiti School Project. HSP’s team of construction volunteers has a combined experience of over 100 years, more than 10 of which has been in Haiti. The earlier in the process we become involved the better the experience and the results will be. 

Our Haitian staff will work directly with your Haitian representatives to provide smooth and clear communications. These are necessary steps for a successful project and should be considered from the start.Haiti School Project provides these partnering services and at no cost. 

We advise and assist during the entire construction process including the following areas.

  • 1. Land and project ownership

    1.1. This can be problematic in Haiti and is a critical first step.

  • 2. Pre-construction planning

    2.1. Assess what your exact needs are and develop a plan.

  • 3. Funds management

    3.1. Coordinate budgets, cash flow, disbursements to a construction schedule.

  • 4. Provide custom building plans that will best serve your project

    4.1. Our design for your project will be drawn using the International Building Code for seismic and cyclonic standards and our supervision will assure those standards are followed during construction. This will give you assurance that your project will not repeat the disastrous results of past earthquakes.

  • 5. Plan for water and sanitation needs