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Textbook Initiative

Textbook Initiative Underway!

Thanks to Sharon, Grace and Eric Li at We Care Act, Haiti School Project has $1050 to buy textbooks for students at the school this year!

Eventually, Haiti School Project hopes to provide textbooks for all the children at the school in Villard. This is a goal that we hope to achieve once construction is well underway but thanks to these kind folks at We Care Act, Haiti School Project will be able to buy about 30 sets of textbooks in time for the coming school year!

The cost of buying textbooks is far out of the reach of many Haiti parents. On top of paying school fees and buying uniforms for their children, many families in Haiti cannot buy books for their children.

Currently, none of the students have textbooks to use in class or at home. This makes it difficult for students to learn at their own pace. It also means that a lot of class time is spent with the teachers writing things on the board for the students to then copy down. The textbooks should improve the quality of education of the students and increase their success on the final exams which they must pass in order to be able to go on to the next grade level. In this way, it may even increase retention rates and the success rate of students.

We are proud that we are able to take this step towards improving the quality of education for students in Villard and we are thankful to Sharon, Grace and Eric Li at We Care Act who made this possible!


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