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Haiti School Project

Eric Leading Seminar

After lunch, Eric continued with a reading about Paulo Freire‘s work on banking education versus liberation education. The teachers found this very interesting. We had teachers discuss in their groups about reading and different ideas about education, schooling and the two different types of teaching. There was some lively discussion among the groups about these styles of education.
Eric leading the seminar

Teacher Training Activities

We started the training that day by rearranging the desks so that the layout of the classroom could more easily accommodate group work, something not normally done in Haiti schools. After registration, Eric started with an activity to demonstrate different ways of learning such as visual and auditory. It illustrates the different ways we learn, being creative, thinking outside the box and demonstrates multiple solutions to the same problem.
The teachers loved these interactive activities and some even said they would like to use them in their classes!

Teacher Registration

Today, August 6 we were received by the teachers and principals with great excitement.

About 48 teachers came from 21 different local primary schools. Fantastic turnout!

Alina Registering Teachers

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Haiti School Project is now on the Causes App. HSP’s profile can be accessed through the Causes App on Facebook or simply by going to our profile at the website.

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