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A day at the park

On Sunday May 20th, the four brothers were re-united! Me and my 3 other bros went to the park, a very interesting one filled with beautiful people, immense hallways and some interesting places to sit. Places that were accommodated for 4, even 6 persons to comfortably sit and enjoy the view. We were even able to move around with some of these beautiful sit places. Because they have wheels and engine, some call them cars. Yes, I was at the auto-expo, and No I am not going to talk about the cars.

With time and a great deal of effort, I’ve cultivated the ability to focus on the good and prodigious things that I encounter throughout the day, and this day at the park, absolutely worth a whole article. So right here and now, I’m presenting you the finest of the auto-expo experience.

The smoothness of the experience

From the sign at the entrance, the escorts around the parking lot, the dedicated drivers that’ll take you to the entry gate… to the subtle trustful atmosphere that ruled the park, everything was charming and agreeable. People were open with each other, kind of like an immense family reunion where you’ll find siblings you’ve never met before but are open to know.

Safe like a private resort park

My good friend from PAP-Security was in charge of the security, so I felt safe like I was hanging in a secretive resort in an unfriendly country. There was security agent everywhere and even with their assault weapons, there were no sense of threats whatsoever. It was like a routine job for them because they had not to deal with any situations where their presence would really felt like needed. Also the people, more like an immense family as mention above were vibrating trustfulness, almost like if you happen to leave your phone on the floor someone would just bring it to #BibiNetalkole, the host. I said ALMOST! I didn’t check.

The worthy gifts and advantages

Buying a new car is not for everyone, they cost millions of gourdes, that’s for Millionaires! And we’re entrepreneurs, we aim to get there. Hearing such discounts and gifts was pretty mind-blowing. I was particularly surprised when big bro said he would get a Galaxy S9 if he buys the Subaru Crosstreck, which is a car I’ve test-drive and loved. I had to confirm that with Nicolas M. who was like, yeah your bro is right, with his humble voice and interminable smile. That’s the kind of deals that when you do the math, are completely affordable for the dealer but, have not been put in place at all. This is the kind of genius spark that us entrepreneurs should learn from.

To sum it up

I had an amazingly good Sunday, meeting new people, catching up with old friends and learning. I am addicted to improvement, and seeing such great event with innovative selling strategies is more than enough to put a huge smile on my face.

It might be that I woke up on the right foot, or that I really got good at looking for the gold; either way this article is completely biased so I would love to read your own feedback on this event. Was it really as good as I mentioned? Have you also had a great day at the Park?

PS: the president Jovenel Moïse and his wife was there.

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