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Our Vision

The Haitian people face many challenges both in advancing their country out of poverty and in meeting life’s daily demands.  The earthquake of 2010 brought this small Caribbean nation’s plight into the world’s consciousness.  However, Haiti’s place as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere is not new.  The long-term solution for Haiti lies in its people and institutions.  Only when the Haitian people are in a position to help themselves can the country emerge from abject poverty and political turmoil.

We at the Haiti School Project believe that the most effective and efficient means of promoting self-sufficiency and economic development in Haiti is through collaboration with the Haitian people on education of the next generation.  We are committed to helping the Haitian youth learn the skills and develop the tools to achieve personal stability and prosperity while preparing them to accept the responsibility of leading their country out of poverty and toward sustainable growth.

Vision ends.

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Our continuing goal is to provide for the school’s future vitality and quality of education in Haiti.

The Haiti School Project is a federally recognized non-profit IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) organization helping Haiti’s children supported entirely by volunteers.


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