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The Opposite of Optimism


A few days ago, my brother got back from work and he starred at me and stated: “I’m broke man!” I was so astonished! Are you serious? He was like, no I’m not broke like I can’t buy food or fuel but, I don’t have the amount of money that I would like to have. I was pretty upset by that, but unfortunately that’s the way many people think, mostly Haitian folks. You might even think like this and in the following words I’ll let you know how I got my Bro out of this wonderful opposite of optimism.

I have other friends that are just like this, one is my famous clothes designer who earns more, lives more and has more than I do yet still complains about being broke. I remember when I asked her why, she said, when I say I’m broke I mean I have less than 1 or 2 thousand dollars in hand which for many people in Haiti it would mean you are rich.

I’ve realized that this sort of complaint is very prevalent among the late 20s to the early 30s throughout the Haiti. I don’t know about elsewhere, however the more I come across it, the more I understand that it has nothing to do with pessimism which in its original state is the opposite of Optimism.

I say optimism because most of my friends use it either to boost themselves to make more or to hide their wealth to others. Because in Haiti if you scream out that you have more than enough people will for sure ask you some. Personally I prefer diffusing that message and deal with those lenders than vibrating that opposite of optimism. If you’re doing this, here is something to think about.

Focus on more if you want more

Focus on more if you want more

Focus on more if you want more

I always speak like I’m the happiest person in the world, because that’s what I want. I don’t brag, neither argue about it nor faking it. When things are bad, I admit it, and focus my entire energy to feel a tiny bit better. You can use words like: I would like to have a bigger house one day. I wish I could make more money. Focus on creation rather than competition, because facing it just to stop others from bothering you is thinking that they can and are competing against you. It’s all in your mind sir.

Life is about feelings, not just words

With all that said my friends, I hope you’ll upgrade your vocabulary and will be fully aware of what that opposite of Optimism is. All that matter is how great you feel and how good you are at inspiring others. So use your words to create, not just to protect yourself from everyone.

Do you know someone who speaks like this? Share this article with them, they might thank you for doing so. By the way my Bro don’t speak like this anymore, at least not when I’m around.

Construction has Begun!

We have started the construction of the school in Villard!

Tim looking over foundation construction


Tim has been working hard down in Haiti these past few weeks, buying materials and finding good construction managers. He has trained teachers on the latest post-earthquake building techniques and they have begun to pour concrete and are really diving into the construction.

Check out our facebook page for more pictures: facebook.com/haitischoolproject 

Thanks for all of your donations and support thus far. We are collecting donations to make sure that construction can continue until the school is finished! Donate now for matching funds and make your donation go twice as far!

Boats and Good-Byes

On the last day of the workshop we spent time working on things that the teachers wanted to learn more about. One of the main things teachers wanted to do was to see an example science lesson. Over the week we did a language arts lesson by having the teachers translate a poem. We did a math lesson about linear algebra where the teachers derived the formula themselves. Eric also did an example social studies lesson about Christopher Columbus including hooks to get students interested in the lessons and connecting the lesson to the knowledge that the students already have. The teachers enjoyed these lesson so much that they also wanted to do a science lesson as well. To give an example of a science lesson Eric had the teachers do an experiment in buoyancy by making boats! This was a lot of fun and the teachers had a great time, not to mention the kids in the schoolyard who were also very excited! It is important that science is fun and exciting and not too abstract so that students can really get into it and learn about the world around them.

Eric also did a summary of the week and after lunch we had a end of the week ceremony to give the teachers certificates. In the end we awarded certificates to 54 teachers in Villard!

The ceremony was a beautiful one with a speech from Principal Saimplice, Alina who organized the project and two of the teachers who expressed heartfelt gratitude. All the teachers received certificates from Haiti School Project for completing the workshop. It was an emotional day. Everyone was so happy with our time together but also very sad to say good-bye!



Workshop Training

Today was a slow day with activities taking longer than expected but the teachers are grasping the ideas.

We did one activity relating to science exemplifying the strength of knowledge involved in group work. Eric also did an example lesson of a math class by having the teachers figure out a linear equation. Instead of simply giving an equation, it is important that students create it themselves so that they can really understand how it works, what it means and why it is relevant to them.

We went over the basics of a good lesson plan and started a social studies lesson that will be important for tomorrow’s activity “preparing a lesson plan”.



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