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Letter from Teachers

Adrien-Saget+I’m Adrien Saget,

Founding Director and Bursar of the Bethlehem School of Villard.

Americans, thank you very much for giving such a project to the Bethlehem school.  For that I am very happy that God has sent you to us to give us this project.

It is for us a phenomenal change.

Thank you,
Adrien Saget

Clairenite-Pierre+My name is Ms. Clairenite Pierre, a teacher of second grade fundamentals.

This project seems to me to show a path that grows and to thank the Americans who loves us so much and put us in the broader society we are preparing to represent.
And now with this project I begin to see that I am more comfortable in society.

I hope God can help you finish this comfortable building for our teachers, our students and our parents.

Dear Americans thank you in advance.

Clairenite Pierre

Maurice-Nicobert+I am Maurice Nicobert teaching in the school of Bethlehem Villard a teacher of the third grade basics.

Let me tell you the project to build this school in my locality; will place the school at the forefront in the area.

After seeing the plan, I can see this school I will teach at will be the best in the area.   I will wait for September to install it on my chair and my desk just to teach my students.

I cannot find the words I use to thank first the journalist, the interpreter, the engineer and the staff and the participants who use their money to come down and make this project possible.

Thank you and God bless you Americans.

Maurice Nicobert

Saget-Adler+I am Adler Saget teacher of the fourth grade class at this school.

I want to express my thanks to all the Americans and the people currently living in the United States who agree to participate and invest in our Bethlehem Villard School.

It is true we have the dedication to perform work in the standard educational system, but the means and conditions of the institution need help.

With this in mind again I thank all Americans who want to help achieve the proposed construction of our school, a purpose that will give us the opportunity to conduct classes in a serious and comfortable local school.

I think that God in his love will bless all Americans and protect them.

Thank you,

Saget Adler


I am Saint-Cyr Kenlove, a professor that teaches the first year class of basics.

I would like the project finished because it means to me a great relationship for the area.

I hope God will help us and we stay healthy so that we complete the design.
Thank you for this project and may God watch over us so we succeed.

Thank you,

Saint-Cyr Kenlove


I am Anselme Saimplice joint director of the Bethlehem School of Villard and at the same time the fundamental year and science professor.

I want to say something important about the school project.  It represents an important step for me and an extraordinary achievement for the region and our current buildings physical life.  This new project can help us improve the brilliance of dependable education in the area.

It represents for me a blessing seeing the Americans bring their money and human resources for the needs of this project. We rely on the continuation of the Americans support so that we can have a comfortable school to accommodate the children.

Thank you,

Anselme Saimplice



My name is Saint Pierre Muranette the school teacher of classes 1 and 2.

Having such a beautiful project is for me a very special relationship, especially in my neighborhood.

To see Americans of various types come here to help us have such an institution represents for me a particular pride in meeting Americans that gives us serious social relations.

May God bless you,

Saint Pierre Muranette

Teachers letter ends.

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