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Watch the journey that took us all the way to a final school building and how we’re looking to further make an impact in the Villard, Haiti community.
Video by Jack C. Newell (http://www.jackcnewell.com)


Our Latest Project: Toilets!

HSP-Toilet-Site2_001As part of our mission to help sustain the Foyer Divin School in Villard, Haiti, and to create opportunities that benefit the surrounding community, Haiti School Project is proposing to fund the development of toilets that will create a more hygienic environment for the students. This effort has come about as a result of the need we witnessed firsthand as well as an appeal from the school’s Director. Read more about this new project.

Let’s Celebrate!

On February 7, 2014 Haiti School Project’s board of directors, 300+ students, parents, teachers, and HSP partner organizations celebrated the official opening of the Villard School and the important role education plays in the future development of Haiti.  The day started with a large parade through the village and continued into the afternoon with singing and dancing and speeches by each class. The celebration concluded with a large Haitian meal for all. It was a great day and so nice to the see the students and parents engaged in the day’s events and appreciative of the new school building.

Thank You, Students!

St. Stephen’s School in Glenwood Springs, Colorado chose Haiti School Project during a school-wide election held earlier this year to be the recipient of the proceeds of their Lent fundraiser. They raised money in different ways including having a lunch of rice and beans. Ms. Cormier’s 7th grade class, pictured here, is starting an email letter-writing campaign with the students in Villard in hopes of creating a permanent bond between the students from both schools.

Thanks again to all the students, faculty and parents at St. Stephen’s.

Five high school students from Aspen, Colorado visited the school for two days in February. The high point of the visit was the interaction between the American and Haitian students. Both groups asked each other very thought provoking questions about life in Haiti and the US. The visit included handing out school supply gifts to the Villard students and setting up the donated library books that the Aspen students brought with them. The group also led art activities; shared personal life stories and their ambitions for the future. Surely this will have a lasting impact on both the American and Haitian students.

School’s Open!

We came to you last summer seeking assistance to apply the finishing touches to the Villard School. With your help and generosity we were able to stucco and paint the building to make the school ready for the 2013-14 school year.

The school is now complete! Together we have made the dream of a new school a reality for the children of Villard. As of October, the Villard School has been regularly holding classes with the primary grades (1-6) using the school building in the morning and the upper grades (7-9) in the afternoon.

Since our involvement, the school has gone from old pole-and-metal-roof classrooms where wind and rain interfered with teaching, to the new school with real classrooms. Imagine how proud the students feel going to school in their new building! The pictures say more than we ever could:

Our August 2013 Teaching Training Was a Success!

Following the success of our August 2012 Teacher Training, we planned for another one to take place this August 2023 in Villard, Haiti. Leading the training was Marta del Pilar Lynch, an experienced educator of 20+ years who gracefully donated her time to go to Haiti and support our effort. Read more about the 3-day workshop.

The workshop received very positive feedback overall. Teachers were encouraged to discuss their vision of a “good school” and Directors were brought into the discussion on how to make it happen. There was emphasis on “evolving” the children; encouraging them to ask questions, think critically and problem-solve.

We extend a big “Thank You” to Pilar, the volunteers and all those on the ground in Haiti who helped us coordinate this year’s training. To our donors, we say thank you as well as this effort would not be possible without your generosity.

Aspen Public Radio’s CrossCurrents does an update on the Haiti School Project

We Did It!

After two and a half years of hard work and dedication, the Haiti School Project has delivered on its goal to complete the school building in Villard, Haiti by mid-2013. We are already seeing the positive socio-economic impact that the school is having within the community and on its children but we’re not done yet! Our mission is to support a sustained investment in education that will promote economic development and improve the quality of life in Haiti and as such, our energy is now focused on that longer term effort. Join us in changing lives for the better.

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