Education and Children Changing the World

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Why Haiti School Project

  • We are a 100% volunteer organization.
  • We have built a school, a library, and  a latrine system for a village in Haiti.
  • The members of the Board of Directors of the Haiti School Project personally cover all administrative costs of the organization.
  • 100% of donations goes toward our projects…

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What we’ve Accomplished

The Haiti School Project is a small dedicated group of individuals committed to improving the quality of life in Haiti starting with educating the children of the country. Since our inception in 2011, one year after the devastating earthquake, we have built a school, built a latrine system for that school and established a library. We currently are consulting in the building of another school and latr…

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How to Get Involved

Perhaps the greatest help you can give our small organization is to make a financial donation. You can be confident that we will put every dollar to good use.
If you want to become more personally involved we are always looking for fundraising help and ideas with a commitment to follow through. Finally, periodically we need boots on the ground in Haiti to manage pr…

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Haiti, a look from within
(writen by haitians living in haiti)

Our Blog is all about Haiti and the ordeals we’ve been through.

How to get stuff done in Haiti

How To Get Stuff Done In HaitiHaiti is well known for its slowness in getting stuff done, and today I’m going to help you understand its flaws and use it to your advantage….

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The Bright Side of the Blackout

The Bright Side of the BlackoutImagine watching the world cup final game, second half just started, and suddenly, Blackout! No electricity. This has been my life for several years. Interestingly I’ve noticed a strange thing about the blackout, which has surprisingly taken me to its bright side…

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The Opposite of Optimism

Many people in Haiti use this form of optimism for different reasons, some to protect their economy, others just as a motivation. The first often comes from the latter, but most people use both reasons until they finally fall into that opp…

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